Chain Mail and White Robes

With the warm summer weather, my butchering and sausage making has slowed down a lot. This is mostly due to my newly acquired knowledge of bacteria and food safety when working with meat at different temperatures. If I had a well air-conditioned workspace, I’d be cutting and grinding 12 months out of the year, but that is not the case today. Small batch experiments are the theme of summertime meat projects (lox, bacon, cooked charcuterie). But as soon as the cool weather is back, I’ll be ready to go.

In the meantime, I’ve found the “Super Bowl” of the butchering world. The competitors in this video are beyond fast. It’s scary to think of boning knives moving this quickly and precisely. Someday, a trip to Germany to watch the European Deboning Championships needs to happen. I realize that this is not everyone’s typical food-travel fantasy, but I bet if you’re reading this blog,  and if you don’t feel squeamish after viewing the video, you might want to join me.

Sorry to provide only a link to the video. I don’t have permission to embed the source file in the blog.


2 Responses to Chain Mail and White Robes

  1. joy says:

    hi david,

    i’m a friend of LP’s and she shared your blog with me. well, i watched the video and am pretty inspired (not that i specialize in deboning-or even know how to debone pork). but anything that involves skill and food truly makes me smile!

    also, we just got back from europe and the image of a harley on the autobahn in my head makes me chuckle. we actually saw about a handful there, more BMWs though.

    hope to meet you at some point in the near future and keep up the awesome carnivorous culinary activities!

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the note Joy. I just took at look at your Joy Biscuits site. Love your logo! Hope to meet you some day soon. –David

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