More Kitchen Progress

The kitchen is definitely coming along.

Below are some photos of the meat processing facility I’ve built over the past three months. It is exactly as big as it looks…an 18′ x 12′ stretch of real estate (aka, my former garage).   There are some tweaks to make still, but the space is exactly what I had in mind.  After reading chapter 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 9 chapter 3 part 417….to be exact) numerous  times, I’m getting very close to applying for a grant of federal inspection on this space so I can sell some meat made here. There are a lot of rules to follow that don’t seem directly related to the production of amazing sausage, but the intent of the USDA is to keep people safe and healthy, and I’m on board with that.  But with a 3-comp sink the size of my old Chevy Citation (works more reliably than the Citation) and FRP walls all around for easy cleaning, this room is built to do exactly what its meant to do…..cut, grind, spice, stuff,  package, and (hopefully) sell a ton of great sausage.

That’s Herschel on the table. I pulled out the leg just for the photo shoot. A bit like Waldo or the red couch.

I don’t know if it was a good idea, but I managed to successfully put 4 castors on the refrigerator without assistance. I didn’t break the fridge or my back. Not bad!

Big shiny knives are the reason I do this. I don’t want to explain.

Below are sample packages of sausage I made last week using Tails & Trotters hazelnut-finished pork from Portland, OR. I used 67 pounds of meat to start testing the new kitchen and test all of my equipment and processes. There’s a lot of Italian and Jalapeno sausage ready to share. So far, so good.

Oh…..and Herschel is just about 12 months old. Since salting and hanging that prosciutto a year ago, I’ve learned an awful lot about meat. Fun stuff!


15 Responses to More Kitchen Progress

  1. Chef Tony says:

    David, just home from our Haloween bash at my restaurant… Why must you tempt me with talk of cured meats?? You know I have to sleep now and wAit for breakfast in six hours or so?! 🙂

    Glad to see it moving forward, we’re all watching..

    • David says:

      Thanks Tony.Just got a delivery of grass fed beef and pork belly today. The testing phase moves onto bacon and beef-hot dogs this week. Happy Halloween.

  2. Dan Kully says:

    When are you going to let us celebrate with a bottle of wine?!?

  3. Pat Lin says:

    Wow! You’ve really done it… and just in time for Chanukkah gift giving time! Congratulations & Good luck!

  4. Fitz says:

    I’ll take 3 packages of jalapeno and 4 Italian sausages to go…j/k Looking Great! Good luck with the next steps

  5. Paul says:

    Congratulations and all the best.
    In the spirit of the event, I forgive your insults of the old citation, though I agree.

  6. Philip Vogelzang says:


    Fabulous job. You’re an inspiration to all of us. Your use of FRP looks great. Have you any plans to start fermenting sausage? The frig you have there looks like it could handle it. Just a humidifier, thermostat and small fan. I assume the product you show in the photo is fresh seasoned sausage….

    Phil Vogelzang – Chimacum Meats, Chimacum WA

  7. Farmer Linda says:

    You are an inspiration to tenacity. Congratulations and a fabulous job. Your facility looks spotlessly clean and professional. The sausage looks wonderful. Lamb bacon – should we try it?

  8. Scott says:

    Hey David. Great stuff. Can’t believe I just found your blog. I may be in your shoes shortly, hope I can ask you a couple questions.

    • David says:

      Thanks Scott. Happy to talk about my experiences anytime. I just took a look at your blog for the first time. A great resource and fun stories. Your Italy travels sound amazing. –dp

  9. The jalapeno sausage was out of this world! Can’t wait to see what comes out next, and looking forward to providing a little meat for the grinder at some point.

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