Naked Goose

With a very sharp boning knife and bit of butcher twine, I had fun deboning and cooking up a goose for the family last weekend.

Below is the carnage and the resulting meal. Every carnivore should try doing this to a bird at some point. It’s strangely satisfying. And slicing into the final boneless product is too much fun.

Below, the meat and skin  have been separated from the bones.

Yes, that goose could have come right out of the 1983 Far Side. But I’m sure it was raised on a small farm in Carnation, Washington that looks nothing like the graphic below.

Chantrelle mushrooms, sage, leeks, roasted chestnuts, and plenty of Cognac made up the stuffing.

Below, the boneless goose has been stuffed back to an original bird-shape….kind of.

Cooked and resting.

Show me a goose dinner that’s easier to carve and serve to guests!

Considering the pork-centric nature of this blog, I hope everyone will forgive this  poultry diversion. It needed to be documented, and I recommend giving it a try. A great meal, and a fun project.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for reading this blog and for showing so much support of my butchering and slow-food protein adventures. —   David


One Response to Naked Goose

  1. Tony says:

    Gary Larson rocked….

    and that bird looks amazing…who knew you had such knife skills?

    I dressed a freshly shot goose once, it WAS a life changing experience. Really connects you to the reality of nature.

    thanks for sharing…

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