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My name is David. I live in Seattle, Washington. And I am not a vegetarian. Although I try very hard to be a responsible consumer of meat.

This OinkMoo blog started off as no more than a  place to keep a personal diary of my meat curing hobby. It quickly proved to be a convenient way to share some pictures and stories with a few interested family members and friends. It has been exciting to hear from so many new friends out there making cured meat, or at least looking for tangible information to do it safely and effectively. I hope my projects and my posts continue to be interesting to others. Either way, I’ll keep writing, since I like having a bread crumb trail of the prosciutto process.

I read all comments on this blog, and I will happily reply to questions as time allows me to do so. If you want to contact me directly, send email to


2 Responses to The Author

  1. nick says:

    Hi David just had a quick question. It looks like your aging room is powered by a coolbot or similar device. Just wondering if that checks out to be ok for commercial production. I cant seem to find that information anywhere and figured if you had usda certification you would be the best person to ask.



  2. David says:

    If you can calibrate the device, then most anyone will accept the data coming from the unit. Temp is easy to calibrate in slush ice water which everyone agrees is 32F (use a 2nd thermometer to compare). Humidity can likely be calibrated against some known science too, but I don’t know those details. Call an HVAC shop and ask how they test and calibrate humidity in a given space. Hope that helps.

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